FEMA Course Registration Guide

Computer showing a mouse hover to signify signing up for a course.

Registration Instructions:

  1. Obtain a FEMA Student ID; you will need this for the course registration process
  2. Click the respective course registration links; you will need to register for each course that you are planning to attend
    • If this is your first time logging into Teachable, you will need to setup an account on Teachable Learning Management System (LMS)
    • Once you have an account, navigate to the course (from the home page or re-click the course link)
  3. On the course landing page, click “Register for Course:
  4. Click “Start” to begin the course introduction, review the information provided, then click “Complete and Continue
    • Download the calendar reminder
    • Save to your calendar
  5. Fill out the FEMA Registration Form and click “Submit” when complete, then click “Complete and Continue” to navigate to the Pre-course test/assessment.
  6. Complete the Pre-course Test and click “Submit”, then “Complete and Continue” to navigate to the Participant Guide.
  7. Download the Participant Guide, slides, and any course specific resources (e.g., exercise manual, disaster risk reduction tool, etc.).
  8. Click “Complete and Continue
  9. After completing the course, log in to the course again to complete the following:
    • Course and instructor evaluation
    • Post-course Assessment
    • Receive your certificate of completion