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Juli Golemi

Position: Director, EI² Global

Juli Golemi is the Director of Innovation Ecosystems at the Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI²). She is an economist with over fifteen years of experience in economic/fiscal impact analysis and compilation of qualitative and quantitative data for organizations with a focus on improving local and state economies. Juli has expertise in turning complex data into information that leads to strategic decisions and the realization of aggressive goals. She has been engaged in economic development projects for more than a decade and her recent work is focused on innovation-led economic development projects, focusing primarily on the assessment of communities’ innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurship programming needs. In her current role, Juli has led collaborative projects across EI2 with the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC). Prior to joining EI², Ms. Golemi was the Director and Economist of the Economic Strategy Center, an economic development research and analysis firm where she managed a variety of projects including economic and fiscal analysis, benchmarking analysis, and program performance evaluations.